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1 Choose a post type
This setting controls which post type is used to create the markers for this map.
Please note that only the post types you selected in the options page are presented here

2 Filter the markers
This setting lets you filter the markers received from the post type by choosing which taxonomy terms are allowed.
It permits you to display only markers of a specific category, or tagged with a specific term.

The effect on the markers displayed is cumulative meaning that if you select Category “Night bars” and post_tag “Beer” (category and post_tag being 2 different taxonomies) your map will show all the “Night bars” (even those that don’t serve beer) AND all the places tagged as “Beer” (even those not open at night), along with the search options to filter them.

You can preview the result in real time on the preview map.

3 Make this map filterable by
Define the filters that will be available for this map

Types of filter :
Filters using checkboxes are cumulative (OR operator), this means they will show markers tied to ANY of the checked terms.

Filters using Tokenize are “mutually-exclusive” (AND operator), which means only markers that fit ALL the given terms will show.
AND logic available on Select Multiple type and Tokenize type.
if you want use AND logic as a checkbox You need convert multiselect to checkbox via plugin

how setup AND logic as a checkbox

Range filters will only work with simple numeric values. If the value is not numeric the markers will be unselected each time the range is updated.

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