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Set different source for coordinates

on Version: 1.7.ACF LocateAndFilter_pro available new feture
Set different source for coordinates

by default plugin used custom fields:
locate-anything-lat and locate-anything-lon
Now you can sets different source for coordinates (Latitude,Longitude) from your custom fields

How to use
1 on Markers settings will be added new options ‘Set different source for coordinates’
you need set to ‘yes’ and saves

2 Select the custom field that contains coordinates Latitude and Longitude
from the list of all custom fields

3 On option ‘format’ you need select format for your coordinates custom field
five formats supported

acf array(lat,lng)
array containing lat,lng as in ACF map fields
eg ACF map fields

string lat,lng
string lat,lng separated by commas

when fields are stored in separate fields as locateandfilter plugin
eg locate-anything-lat and locate-anything-lon
for this you need to set two fields
lat in first selector
lon in the second selector

wpcf type
if you use Address Fields from Toolset plugin
these coordinates are selected from the database table “toolset_maps_address_cache”

pods type
if you use Address Fields from Pods custom field plugin
eg Pods Address Fields

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